Primitive SkillsBuild Lean to Primitive Survival Shelter in Forest

Build Lean to Primitive Survival Shelter in Forest

How to Build Lean to Primitive Survival Shelter in Forest will protect you from the weather, establish a barrier between you and dangerous predators, a place to sleep and recharge.

Build Lean to Primitive Survival Shelter in Forest

When stuck in a situation when survival instincts need to kick in, having a safe shelter determines the future. Instead of panicking in such a situation, the best thing to do is keep calm and think logically.

Pick a suitable spot to build your shelter. The ideal spot would be the one close enough to wood and water. The ideal place would be the place in between two trees that are around 5 feet apart.

Use an axe to make a “transversal beam” that is a little longer than the distance between the two trees. If you do not have a tarpaulin to cover the sides, collect plenty of pine boughs or any other suitable covering material.

Tie the transversal beam to both the trees at a point that is at a decent height from the ground. You can use ropes or fibers for this purpose. Use long wooden pieces to “lean” them against the transversal beam on both the sides to from an inverted “v” shaped shelter. Lay them close together so that water cannot trickle in. The roof is ready.

Clear the ground and add a generous amount of leaves and such which do not have any thorns. This will protect you from insects and will keep you insulated from the cold.

Depending on how efficiently and quickly you are able to build your shelter in adverse conditions makes all the difference. Using the available tools, do what is best under such circumstances to save your life.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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