ChickensBuild Log Cabin Chicken Coop Run DIY Project

Build Log Cabin Chicken Coop Run DIY Project

How to Build Log Cabin Chicken Coop Run DIY Project is a great way to haverst your our timber on your own homestead to build this chicken coop through these step by step tutorial.

Build Log Cabin Chicken Coop Run DIY Project

The base of the coop is 6 x 6. Use bricks to prop up the coop. Get cut logs and stack up a foot of them to what will be the front of the coop. Frame the door with 1” x 3” and use wooden nails to keep the frame and logs attached. The entrance is sized at 3′ x 2′ (Height by Width). With the front installed, it is time to stack the rest of the wallswith logs that ends have a diameter between 2.5″ to 3.5” so they are big enough to attach at each corner and fit in. The total height from the ground to the roof should be roughly seven feet tall.

For the inside of the coop, get wiring to fence the entire walls off (to avoid splinters) and staple it to the wood. Space the stapling every 2 inches. Once that is set up, work on the roof by using pine logs, thinner than the logs used for building the walls, and line them next to each other. The front of the coop should have an extra log to give the roof a slant. Nail the wooden pieces together and then cover that with a roof panel big enough to cover the entire top. The roof panel should be jigged so it lets the rain fall out to the ground.

For the floor, install Linoleum on the ground with hay scattered along the floor (for a more natural touch), as well as making panels on the side of the interior coop. They will be the holder for the boxes holding the eggs. Seal the entire cabin, all of the wood, with wood sealant. That is the basic coop, but you can build all of the other things needed if desired.

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