Build Long Loom Board for Weaving Scarf Craft Project

Build Long Loom Board for Weaving Scarf Craft Project

How to Build Long Loom Board for Weaving Scarf craft project is actually a pretty simple measure, drill and hammer some nails to create outline of loom. You have to pay attention so you do not pull the yarn too tightly as you are weaving back an forth.

Build Long Loom Board for Weaving Scarf Craft Project

This article teaches you how to make a loom board for weaving scarf. What you should consider first is that the writer made it with a leftover plywood.

The materials you need for this project are a 4 feet (48 inches) long and 1 foot (12 inches) wide plywood. It does not have to be a plywood, it can be other types of wood as long as it has the stipulated dimension, it is okay. Apart from that, you also need any equipment for drilling holes. The writer made use of a Dremel Rotary tool. You need 34 pieces of 1½ inch nails. It is advisable to get more than 34 so that you will have some extra nails just in case you have an issue with any of the nails.

Leave an inch gap at the top and at the bottom and mark it off. So, that gives a distance of 46 inches between each lines. Read the article to know how to carry out the markings. After that, you will also drill holes and you end it by driving nails into each of the holes. You can take the time to read and share it immediately after.

Materials and Tools:

~ 4 feet long and 12 inches wide plywood board.You can use any left-over board lying at home

~ Dremel Rotary tool or any such equipment for drilling holes

~ 1-1/2 inch size nails about 34 pieces (Keep few extra)

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