DIY ProjectsBuild Magnetic Knife Wood Rack DIY Project

Build Magnetic Knife Wood Rack DIY Project

This tutorial shares how to build magnetic knife wood rack diy project in simple step by step directions.

Build Magnetic Knife Rack DIY Project

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Get a router with an edge guide, a straight cut router bit, an orbital sander, a saw, hot glue, hooks that mount, a wood sealer, and a chisel. This is an easy project that comes from scraps of wood to make it really stand out in kitchens. Having strong magnets holding the rack adds to the look also.

Just glue the wood together – they should be flat and squared – and create router sled rails with thick pieces for stability. Drill pilot holes into them and screw it in tightly. Make sure the rails are evenly made.

The rails and workbench then can be screwed in together with pilot holes and screws also; another way to glue it together. Then, comes making the router sled, which needs to be long enough to go over the space within the rails and wide enough to adapt the router base. Choose a plank, draw a diagonal line between the corners, and mark the center point. Screw through that center point and use the hole saw to make the opening for the router to go through. Screw down the base of the router base.

Tools needed to make a knife rack:

Router with edge guide

Straight cut router bit

Orbital sander

Circular Saw

Double-sided tape or hot glue

Mounting Hooks

Food safe wood sealer

Chisel and hammer (optional for squaring interior routed corners)

Get a router bit of choice and plane down any uneven height to even out the piece with the glue up. After that, smooth the edges with the circular saw running besides them. Repeat the squaring and routing processes on the other side. Then, route out the space where the magnet will go; when measured and cut, insert and glue the magnets. Sand it down, use seal wood for the finishing touch, and put in the wall attachments on the opposite ends of the newly made knife rack, which then can be mounted with any knife.

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