DIY ProjectsBuild Mini Fridge For Camper Van DIY Project

Build Mini Fridge For Camper Van DIY Project

How to build a Mini Fridge For Camper Van DIY Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial.

Build Mini Fridge For Camper Van DIY Project

First, plan out and test all electronics before construction by making rough sketches of what it should be like. First, work with the Styrofoamthat made the interior of the fridge and have itbig enough for 5 half-liter bottles of soda. With all of the necessaryparts, glue it together and let it dry for a couple of hours. During this time, make the bottom piece out of MDF. Cut a square that fit and drill four holes in each corner for the legs.Line the holes up properly and cut holes in the Styrofoam using a utility knife. Make sure there is enough space around and inside.

With the placement on the MDF, cut the center circles out with a drill and a jigsaw. The legs area couple of aluminum pieces; install them and look at the LED strips.Get angled channel holders for LED-stripsand a very small piece of Styrofoam to cover the top. To create a path for the cables, get a soldering iron and add aluminum tape at the corners to shield the inside. Push the wire into the hole, glue it to the corners, and cover with a tiny piece of Styrofoam.

The electronic fridge modules are made with 4 red and 4 black cables. At the end of the terminals, add a different cable that will extend to the thermostat. Glue the foam to the front and to the Styrofoam. Connect both the modules and the other cable to the power supply. Measure the shelf to be placed inside and cover the exterior with 5mm acrylic glass. Include drilling air holes to let air through in the back. Design the exterior and lid and plug the rest in.

*Supply list:*

2x electronic refrigeration modules


AC to DC power supply (12v, 15amps)

Cold white LED strip

Wire terminals

Shrink tubes

Power plug AC

Power plug 12v

Momentary push button

Aluminium channel holder

Aluminium tape

Self-adhesive rubber seal

White sticker paper

Acrylic glass



Doorknobs (used as legs)

Aluminium handlebar (on lid)

Aluminium angles

Spray paint + clear coat

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