DIY ProjectsBuild Mouse Trap to Protect Homestead Garden Project

Build Mouse Trap to Protect Homestead Garden Project

This tutorial of how to build mouse trap to protect homestead garden project is not only inexpensive but can be made from items you already have around your home.

Mice and rats in your garden can devast your garden plants. They eat herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables along with creating underground tunnels which kills root systems.

Build Mouse Trap to Protect Homestead Garden Project

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This is a very cheap and easy to build mouse trap. It is meant to keep mice away from your little backyard garden.

Once one enters your garden, you are in trouble. They will continuously feed on your produce, destroy some of them with their urine and droppings. The most frustrating thing about them is their high reproductive rate. They will keep increasing in number at an alarming rate.

They can also bite your hens inside your chicken coop. Mouse bites sometimes lead to the death of chicks if not treated on time. So, once you sight one of them or notice a sign that one of them is around, it is better to take a defensive measures fast.

Since the 5-gallon bucket mouse trap is cheap and easy to build, why not even build one before you notice any mouse at all. There is nothing wrong in building it as a preventive measure.

There may be damages in your garden or death of some of your hens before you notice the presence of a mouse.

The idea behind the trap is easy to understand. It has a wooden incline through which mice will climb the bucket. The tip of the wooden incline leads to the entrance of the bucket. You will create the entrance at the side of the bucket. There is a can suspended on a tangible quantity of water. The water should be enough to drown a mouse. The can is rubbed with peanut butter to attract mice. In fact, it is the flavor of the butter that will attract them into climbing the bucket.

Once a mouse jumps on the can to nibble at the peanut butter, the can spins and drops it inside the water. The mouse will struggle to get out but eventually get tired and drown. The trap has been designed in such a way that subsequent mice will not suspect any “trap” until it jumps on the “killer” can and it would have been too late by then

Plus, once the mice are caught – you never have to touch them to remove from trap for the faint of heart homesteaders.

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