Off GridBuild Off The Grid Battery Bank Charger DIY Project

Build Off The Grid Battery Bank Charger DIY Project

How to build off the grid battery bank charger DIY project is another option to keeping batteries that supply power to a homestead fully charged.

Building an off grid power set-up ensures energy independence. It also guarantees regular power supply. With a steady source of electricity, you will not only be able to charge your home appliances, but you will also heat up your home if needed.

Build Off The Grid Battery Bank Charger DIY Project

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable means to keep the batteries in your battery bank charged at all times, you may want to consider building your own off-grid LPG battery charger.

The benefit of electricity to a home cannot be overly emphasized. Rain or shine, most homes depend on electricity to make the lives of its occupants comfortable and easy.

Materials and Tools needed:

* 6 hp engine

* 40 amp speed controller (rated at 50 volts or more)

* Digital Voltmeter Ammeter (rated 100 volts 100 amps)

* 9 volt battery and battery snap

* Small push button switch

* Automotive alternator (rated voltage doesn’t matter but the more rated amps the better)

* Dual fuel carburetor (if you wish to run your engine on gas)

* 5 or 6 inch pulley

* Vee belt

* Wires

* Electrical terminals

* Tape

* Heat shrink

* 25mm RHS steel (to make the frame)

* Nuts bolts and fasteners

* Hack saw

* Welder

* general workshop tools….

These days many people opt for solar power to keep essential appliances in their home running but this may not be an option for everyone. However, solar power as the name implies depends on the sun to function which is limited in the winter months.

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Melissa Francis
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