Build an Off Grid Propane Powered Battery Charger Project

Build a Off Grid Propane Powered Battery Charger Project

This tutorial of how to build an off grid propane powered battery charger project will help you if prepare for a worst-case scenario or you just enjoy living off the grid, electricity backups are a must. And should you encounter a situation where your house battery is drained, you want a time and fuel-efficient way to charge it.

Rather than relying on a generator, we’ve found a cheaper, more effective way to keep the lights on when the power goes out.

Build a Off Grid Propane Powered Battery Charger Project

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This DIY tutorial will show you how to create a propane-powered battery charger from a standard car or lawnmower engine. It’ll also demonstrate how to convert these engines from gasoline to propane power to save you money, though this step isn’t necessary.

Please Note: Some experience working with cars or other heavy machinery is a plus when coming to this tutorial, as it require a certain level of familiarity with engines and electricity.

You will need:

• Honda car engine or Kawasaki lawnmower engine

• automobile alternator

• digital volt meter

• 9 volt battery

• 40 amp speed controller

• push button switch

• vee belt

• 5 to 6 inch pulley

• general workshop tools

Time required:

This is a full weekend job, and a good project to work on with a friend or two.

The first part of the tutorial will go over constructing the charger, and the second part will go into how to convert the engine to propane. If you’d prefer to simply keep the engine on gasoline, you can add a dual fuel carburetor to your list of materials and skip over step six.

Ready to get started?

Click here to read about how to build a off grid propane powered battery charger project:

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