DIY ProjectsBuild Patio Garden Planter DIY Project

Build Patio Garden Planter DIY Project

How to build patio garden planter diy project tutorial is detailed in a step by step process.

If one likes having a garden on their patio, consider building a container to grow plants in. This is a good DIY project for those who always want to do it like that.

Build Patio Garden Planter DIY Project

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Build a planter box around plastic bins so it could easily be removed, dumped out, and filled with fresh soil. Consider the size of the patio for the right dimensions and space to place the bins and buy them for cheap at any store that sells them.

A drawing of the planter shows how it looks and what to install. Using 1×6 and 1×4 boards, two vertical supports are placed in one-third from each other (assuming the number of bins is 3) to keep the bins equally spaced, while the bottom will allow water to drain into the ground. The open spaces prevent the annoyance of turning over the planter to get rid of spilled water and soil. With photos as a guide, you could see how to install these pieces with wood glue, a pneumatic stapler, and two screws. Have two clampers on each end to let it sit in overnight.

After it has connected together, go ahead and sand the whole thing and cover the screws with wooden plugs.

Finally, add soil and small plants in the bins. Based on the pictures, they look amazing and beautiful to have outside on the patio soaking in the sun.

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