CleanersBuild Power Drill Cleaning Scrubber Tool Project

Build Power Drill Cleaning Scrubber Tool Project

How to build power drill cleaning scrubber tool project which helps you not to break your back scrubbing bathtubs, countertops or even floors.

Build Power Drill Cleaning Scrubber Tool Project

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It is called the Power Drill Scrubber. That means, as the name says, a scrubber attached to a power drill. There’s a picture and a 42 second video on how it can be built and what it looks like when working it. It calls for a drill, a bolt, a long machine screw, a washer, and a soap-dispensing brush head that could be replaced.

Just five things needed to build it. Based on the video, it looks very easy to do and the showcasing of its power scrub on all surfaces to clean out all dirt, proving the creation is, “nifty.”

Next, there were instructions. First, connect the machine screw through the brush head so the front of the screw is connected with the bristles. On the back, connect through the washer and put it in place with the bolt. Tighten it strongly, but do not overdo it as the plastic could crack and fail because of the tightness.

Next, attach the scrubber head to the drill. With hot water and the soap used, dip in the power scrubber in just enough that only the bristles are soaked; that means don’t dunk in the entire the drill. Press and watch the power scrubber get things done quickly on countertops, the floor, the toilet, and even on the rims of tires.

Click here to read about how to build power drill cleaning scrubber tool project:

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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