Primitive SkillsBuild Primitive A Frame Survival Shelter DIY Project

Build Primitive A Frame Survival Shelter DIY Project

How to Build Primitive A Frame Survival Shelter DIY Project is this simple yet detailed step by step tutorial.

Build Primitive A Frame Survival Shelter DIY Project

When in the wilderness, people need to build a shelter for the night before the sun sets. Of course, the most important things we need when outside are water, food, and warmth. At night, if completely alone, having proper shelter comes first. This can be made without the use of tools; not even a pocket knife is needed (even though it helps a lot). A common mistake people think when building a shelter – even if not in danger – is that they do not plan ahead and make their shelter in a certain amount of time. It takes longer than they think it does. Here is how to build a proper shelter.

First, pick a prime spot to build the shelter, preferably somewhere drainage is possible and water doesn’t build up. When the spot is placed, build the A-frame using a pole with its two extensive legs (shaped like an A, obviously), and some big branches that can hold the weight of the shelter. Make sure there is enough spacing in height and weight. Then, put on the ribs, which are those big branches to up the shelter’s wall. This will take the most time because of the search for big branches long enough to reach each other and give enough space. The smaller branches will in the gaps of the ribs. To protect the shelter from moisture, get things like leaves and pine boughs and plenty of them. That should complete the shelter and keep safe for the evening.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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