DIY ProjectsBuild Pull Out Slide Drawer Shelves DIY Project

Build Pull Out Slide Drawer Shelves DIY Project

How to build pull out slide drawer shelves diy project is a great way to upgrade your homestead kitchen or bathroom.

Build Pull Out Slide Drawer Shelves DIY Project

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It’s never really easy to add a Pull-Out Cabinet Shelf into a cupboard except you’ve got the right equipment, materials and proper planning. With all these rightly in place, then you are set to get to work.

Adding a Pull-Out Cabinet Shelf would require Satin Finish Polyurethane Ply, wood filler and glue, Sandpaper, drawer slides, 1-inch screws, ¼-inch x 12-inch x 24-inch plywood panel, wood for spacers for each slide and any other wood material of choice.

You will have to measure the depth, as well as the opening cabinet width, as a way of determining the desired size of the shelf before any other thing. Remember to minus an inch from the depth and width of the cabinet, so as to ensure proper fitment into the cabinet.

Then select all the shelf pieces and assemble them together. Remember to also select the Glide and Spacer that would have to be attached to the cabinet to ensure self-glide. Use glue and screws to attach the spacers on each side of the cabinet. But this should be done after their placement has already been determined.

Ensure to sand and apply poly on to all surfaces after filling the holes and cracks with filler.

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Melissa Francis
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