DIY ProjectsBuild Rotating Garden Compost Tumbler DIY Project

Build Rotating Garden Compost Tumbler DIY Project

How to build rotating garden compost tumbler diy project is essential to every homestead gardner because good soil makes a great garden.

Build Rotating Garden Compost Tumbler DIY Project

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Gardening just got a whole lot more exciting (and productive) with this DIY project. Rather than buying your own drum composter, you can choose to make your own. This way, you take complete control over the finished size and appearance. There’s another benefit to making a drum composter, too. They convert all of your yard waste to compost a lot faster than the stationary bins.

You’re not going to need a lot of tools in order to get the job done, either. It starts with finding a polyethylene drum, which are found free in many instances. Visit a food processor or even a car wash to get a 55-gallon drum. It doesn’t matter what color it is because it’s something you can choose to paint later on. Plus, if it’s free, then you really can’t complain.

Materials List:

12′ 4×4 treated lumber

8′ 2×4 treated lumber (3)

10′ 2×8 treated lumber

6′ of 4″ PVC pipe

Rivets (aluminum)

Nuts and bolts (stainless steel)



1″ flat aluminum stock


Exterior screws

3″ casters

With some PVC, a pivot gun, and some aluminum strips, you will be able to make a DIY compost tumbler in just a few hours. Your garden will thank you for this addition – and you might be able to boast some of the freshest fruits and vegetables in the neighborhood. It’s definitely a way to take your vegetable or herb garden to the next level. Plus, you have the potential to save hundreds of dollars as opposed to buying a composter at a garden center.

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