DIY ProjectsBuild a Set of Strong Triple Bunk Beds DIY Project

Build a Set of Strong Triple Bunk Beds DIY Project

How to build a set of strong triple bunk beds diy project can help you manage space. The triple bunk beds are an avenue to further explore the wonders of our imagination. It is also the most ingenious way to end the ever present territorial battle among siblings. You can give each their own bed in the same room while being stylish.


Build a Set of Strong Triple Bunk Beds DIY Project

Space can limited but there are a lot of great ideas to show you how to use your space wisely.

The triple bunk bed can come in various designs, but regardless of the designs if the wood is of low quality, the beds will not be strong and can collapse at any time. So for triple bunk beds, it is essential that the wood used, be of the same quality as that used for building.

Not compromising quality we can still add a little rustic appearance by choosing wood wit knot( rustic equals cool). Next is to draw a plan of the form you want the beds to take. Be creative as possible, make the space come alive for the kids. Also, make sure the size of each child is taken into consideration. The bed has to be comfortable. After the plan, proceed to prepare the wood. Always drill the wood before screwing the nail in. Screw the woods in place and if possible add glue to enhance the bond. Finish off the work by smoothing the edges using a sandpaper. Make sure the edges are also free of wood dust. Use a vacuum cleaner if you have to.

Voila, you have your triple bunk beds and peace will forever reign in your home. The project requires materials that are all available in the home: saws(miter and jigsaw), chalk, drill and drill bits, spirit level, pencil, safety gloves and glasses, and tape rule.

Have fun in exploring limited space and endless ideas.

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