Build A Simple Homemade PVC Water Hand Pump

A motivated homesteader can build a simple homemade PVC hand pump with inexpensive parts, simple design and a little work that in the end will save tons of back breaking work of transferring water.

Cutting PVC pipe to size, installing a rubber gasket, adding check valves then assemble everything together and your pump is ready.

To use the pump insert the intake into the water barrel drum then pump the piston up and down. This creates suction to move water up and out into another smaller container.

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Materials and Tools needed:

  • 3/4 inch PVC pipe

  • wood dowel rod

  • old rubber sandal

  • PVC T joint

  • check valves

  • wood screws

  • hand drill

  • saw

  • utility knife or scissors

  • PVC cement (optional)

Click here to read how to build a simple homemade PVC hand pump and watch a bonus video:

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