DIY ProjectsBuild a Slanted Upstairs Ceiling Closet DIY Project

Build a Slanted Upstairs Ceiling Closet DIY Project

Learn how to build a slanted upstairs ceiling closet diy project that will give any homesteader an overabundance of sectioned spaces to store clothing, purses and shoes.
If you have a wall that’s unused due to a slanted ceiling, consider creating a closet nook that can change the whole use of the room. Read on to see how it’s done in a beautiful wood cottage style.

Build a Slanted Upstairs Ceiling Closet DIY Project

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Your attic, top floor or dormers were probably a selling point when selecting your home. But until you decide to blow out the roof or use it as a full-use room, a slanted ceiling can create a dilemma. Closets and storage space are always hard to fit against a slanted roof.

You can turn this architectural situation into a rustic nook or designer wall using some ingenuity. To work with the wall base, it’s a good idea to create an overall look that works with a slanted roof. Think country style or log cabin updated for the modern home.

Broken pallets are the perfect distressed wood look and are light enough to easily lay against the wall frame and work well as paneling. Fitting closets is best accomplished with open shelving in a contrasting bright color. If you have a window in the wall, even better. Decorate it with a window box to get a real log cabin look.

Use care fitting the edges of the slanted ceiling to the pallet paneling. With careful measurement, it can work like a puzzle and fit nicely. Pallets are really the ideal wood for this application because they are light and easy to shift and cut. Modular closet pieces are also perfect for fitting the varying level of the slanted roof.

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