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Build Solar Generator to Power Lights Off Grid DIY Project – The Homestead Survival

How to Build Solar Generator to Power Lights Off Grid DIY Project is made from a given list of materials as a portable power source.

Build Solar Generator to Power Lights Off Grid DIY Project - Homesteading

If you’re going out to a place where there is nothing but sunshine, you can get natural energy from a box. No need to use up all the fuel from the car. Get the following: a 15-watt solar charger with multi-amp charge controller, an 800-watt power inverter, an NG24 deep cycle battery, a small 12-volt outlet, a digital multimeter, crimp electrical connectors, 1/2″ pieces of plywood, plenty of hinges, handles, latches, and screws, and eight zinc plated “L” brackets.

First, build the box with the plywood with the “L” brackets on the inside corners. The handles that can carry the box are on the sides with hinges connected to what is the lid on top. It is smart to make a box half-inch bigger than the generator and two inches higher than it. Drill one-inch holes on the bottom to allow the gas to come out. Then, put the battery in. Use a 3/8-inch ring crimp connector to connect the wires to the battery. The solar panel is connected to the battery using the charge controller and keeps it from not losing its complete charge. Complete the connection with the 12-volt outlet.

With the digital multimeter, tie it on the battery; this keeps an eye on the voltage being used. Plug it to a light or a radio or anything that could charge batteries. There is no noise and it’s, again, Eco-friendly, and you have consistent energy that is not running from the car.

Material Parts list:


1. Sunforce 15 watt solar charger with with 7 amp charge controller – Kragen Auto – $99.99 part #50033

2. Pro X One 800 watt power inverter – Kragen Auto – $49.97 on sale – part #64009624

3. Nautilus Gold 24 NG24 deep cycle battery – $84.99 – Kragen Auto – part #6228613

4. 12 volt outlet (cigarette lighter type) – 10.99 – Kragen Auto – part #6261044

5. Digital multimeter – $2.99 – Harbor Freight Tools – part #90899

6. Crimp style electrical connectors (butt and 3/8″ ring) – $2

7. 1/2″ plywood (or whatever you have lying around) – $10.00

8. Hinges, handles, latches and screws for the box – $15.00

9. Eight zinc plated “L” brackets – $5.00

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