SolarBuild Solar Powered Water Pump Homesteading DIY Project

Build Solar Powered Water Pump Homesteading DIY Project

How to Build Solar Powered Water Pump Homesteading DIY Project is highly detailed in a step by step illustrated steps.

Build Solar Powered Water Pump Homesteading DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Homesteading

Solar power is one of the most versatile of all of the renewable energy sources known to man. It is also one of the lowest cost to produce of all sources. The only real requirement is that there has to be accessible to the rays of the sun for as long as possible. The amount of power that can be generated is based on the size of the solar (Photovoltaic) panel that is being used.

This DIY project is designed to introduce the reader to a powerful solar powered water pumping system.

This Do It Yourself project was created and shared in hopes to help people who are looking for a lower cost way to power a water pump.

This system is perfectly suited to be used by people who live off-grid or have a need to deliver water to a remote location on their property.

The project includes a complete list of all of the necessary things that are needed to be had on hand.

It also includes a detailed explanation about how solar power works and a plan with step by step instructions covering how to get from start to finish.


Anti-Corrosion Paint.

4X 11ft I-beams.

2X 7ft I-beams.

3X 24.46ft C-channels

2X19.63ft C-channels

5X 20.84ft C-channels

6X20.18ft C-channels

21X Solar Panels



1960X990X42 (mm)

Solar Pump System Controller

Max Input Voltage: 238V

Output: 3-phase(60-240V0, 3kW)

Solar Pump




Cable (Depending on depth of well,etc)

6X Circuit Breakers.

Concrete/Cement Mixture



Welding machine and welding rods



Wire Cutters

Digital Multimeter

Spirit Level Bottle



Basic Understanding of Electrical Wiring and Electronics

Basic Understanding of Structural Design

Basic Welding


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