DIY ProjectsBuild Solar Sun Cooking Stove Oven DIY Project

Build Solar Sun Cooking Stove Oven DIY Project

How to build solar sun cooking stove oven diy project is detailed in this simple step by step tutorial.

Build Solar Sun Cooking Stove Oven DIY Project

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A sun stove is a stove that uses solar energy to cook food, saving on gas and charcoal. Like using it for electricity and cars, it sucks in all the heat from the sun to turn on a natural stove for cooking. To make this at home, get four planks of wood, all at 2 x 4 x 8, screws, a drill, aluminum, and drill bits.

Get three 8-foot planks and cut each of them every 2 feet, meaning there should be 12 pieces in total. Take 4 pieces and screw them into a square, twice, meaning 8 pieces should be used in total. Then, take the next 4 pieces and screw them on the inside of each corner.

Build Solar Sun Cooking Stove Oven DIY Project
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Once all of the corners are screwed in, you get another of the pieces that are screwed as a square and put it on top of each corner. A piece of wood that’s 24 x 29 inches should be screwed on top of the cube. Get 3 pieces of the 2-ft. pieces of wood and screw them around each side. Lastly, screw the reflective sheet on top of the squared piece of wood, as well as around the 2-footer that are seen sticking out.

A homemade sun stove that uses natural solar energy to cook things without the use of gas or charcoal has been made. It is reliable and cheaper than buying one manufactured.

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