DIY ProjectsBuild Steel Drum Backyard Fire Pit DIY Project

Build Steel Drum Backyard Fire Pit DIY Project

How to Build Steel Drum Backyard Fire Pit DIY Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial that re-purposes an old broken washing machine that is taken apart and the steel drum inside is removed.

 Build Steel Drum Backyard Fire Pit DIY Project

It can be frustrating to possess one or too many big, yet broken down equipment in the house that you just can’t get rid of. But then again, just because you can use that equipment for the purposes they were created for doesn’t mean they are completely useless. If you ever wanted to have an outdoor fire pit, then you can make do with what you have. All you need is the drum of your old washing machine to assemble a fantastic fire pit.

You won’t require much to create one for yourself. Most parts of an already broken washing machine can be used to create it. For instance, the pit itself can be created using the washing machine drum, and the stand for the fire pit can be set up by using any item or instrument of your choice. However, it is required that you make use of a material that can be supported by what you are building. Which is something that won’t catch up in flames or break or wear easily.

The building process itself isn’t as demanding as it may seem. It only takes a few measurements and a little time to work with your tools. Always take the time to create your fire pit. Take necessary precautions to avoid costly accidents in a time when you’d rather enjoy what you built with family, friends or even by yourself. Look out for loose hardware and components.

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