DIY ProjectsBuild Strong Storm Shelter Root Cellar DIY Project

Build Strong Storm Shelter Root Cellar DIY Project

How to Build Strong Storm Shelter Root Cellar DIY Project for a motivated homesteader who want a place for his/her family to be able to retreat to in case of a disaster.

Build Strong Storm Shelter Root Cellar DIY Project

In the era of the hurricane being as vicious than ever before, and the threat of tornadoes and blizzards striking certain areas with little warning, having a storm shelter strong enough to endure high winds and be safe after it has passed is important. For those who have homes or small farms, there is room to build a small shelter that will work out perfectly as time goes by. We know about being prepared for the storm at home, but having a specific shelter in place is even better. Have these things planned out.

A storm shelter can also double as a root cellar !

You will need a window or two to look outside. It doesn’t have to be a big window, but it should be perfectly set in with a lumber frame and not made of glass so it doesn’t shatter. Then, there is the door. Since we are using the garage or building a small one outside, it just has to be one door, in and out, and be stable enough also to prevent it from flying off – or getting blocked by debris. Maybe install a backup door. To really make it through a big storm, a roof must be held down to the walls tightly with the building’s foundation through nails or straps that is windproof.

The most essential part of the shelter is the generator, discreetly installed outside where it is not dangerous to use and cause carbon monoxide poisoning. It also should be reachable to turn on and create power, especially with the storm dying out and the fact that power won’t be available for a few days. Create dimensions based on how many people are in the house and how much food will be put inside and other things can be stored inside.

Build it accordingly.

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