DIY ProjectsBuild Sturdy Homestead Wood Storage Shelves DIY Project

Build Sturdy Homestead Wood Storage Shelves DIY Project

This How to Build Sturdy Wood Storage Shelves DIY Project is detailed in a step by step tutorial that will inspire an average homesteader to pick up simple tools and create projects.

Build Sturdy Homestead Wood Storage Shelves DIY Project

The goal of building some garage shelves to help clean up all the mess inside and to organize. It is a project, which is very cheap to do right inside the garage. Get some 2×4 wood to build all 3 shelves by cutting six support legs, a dozen middle sections, and multiple pieces of shelving surfaces. The end result is a good-looking piece in the garage with other things inside. Here is how to build them piece-by-piece.

To start with, measure the whole garage wall area to get the right amount of 2×4 boards needed to build. Cut a dozen pieces from the wood to the needed depth for the middle sections. Taking in the height necessary, cut six pieces of wood for supporting legs. Then, connect the pieces together with wood screws by screwing in the middle parts to the supporting legs. Build the three center supporting leg parts by double-checking that the height of each middle piece is equal with the other. The middle sections are important because they entire shelf evened out and prevent the board from collapsing in the middle.

Now, start constructing the shelves by screwing the surfaces to the support legs. Use plenty of wooden screws and wood glue to make it all evened out. Keep building until all of the shelves are set and the whole unit is together and secured; for extra protection, put on a safety bracket along the garage wall to hold the shelves from falling over. Put some water sealant on it and it’s finished.

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