GardeningBuild Vertical Gardening PVC Planter Tube DIY Project

Build Vertical Gardening PVC Planter Tube DIY Project

How to build vertical gardening pvc planter tube diy project are simple to make with frugal materials. Hang these pvc planter tubes from a patio overhang to grow flowers, succulents, herbs or maybe even strawberries.

Build Vertical Gardening PVC Planter Tube DIY Project

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Gardening has become a very popular activity these days, however, not everyone has a whole lot of outdoor space around the house to be able to plant lots of flowers, bushes and trees in the yard. For those with limited space, the vertical method of planting flowers is the perfect way to add the desired color to the outside of the house.

This diy project is perfect for this purpose as it describes a great example of vertical gardening.


(2x) Soaker hose male compression fitting

3/8″ Soaker hose

4″ PVC downpipe – check your local hardware/plumbing supplier

(2x) 4″ PVC pipe caps

Landscape fabric

Potting mix


E6000 Adhesive


Hole saw drill bits

Spade drill bits


This do it yourself project was created to provide a guide that anyone can follow regardless of gardening and diy skills. The information was presented in a way that makes it really easy to read and to understand for everyone. All of the things that will be needed to get started can be found easily.

Build Vertical Gardening PVC Planter Tube DIY Project
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Benefits of following the Build a Vertical Garden Planter Tube DIY Project

● Use this project to build the perfect flower planter for those homeowners with limited outdoor space

● The project includes a complete listing of all of the materials, supplies and tools that are needed

● The project also includes an easy download plan with a step by step instruction guide on how to build it

● There are numerous full color pictures that are designed to provide a good visual reference

Click here to read about how to build vertical gardening pvc planter tube diy project:


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