GardeningBuild Watering Below The Soil Garden Box DIY Project

Build Watering Below The Soil Garden Box DIY Project

How to Build Watering Below The Soil Garden Box DIY Project is a simple weekend building project. Watering you plants underneath the soil feed your plants directly, reduces evorpation, does not splash the soil displacing it and actually saves the amount of water needed to nourish plants.

Build Watering Below The Soil Garden Box DIY Project

This will require not a lot of sawing. Measuring in feet, build a 4 x 3 x 1box. Get pot mix instead of soil because it simplifies the process of carrying water towards the top. Piece together the 3-foot and a 4-foot board at 3 pieces each side. Then, saw the 2 x 4 planks to make 11-inch planks as 4 parts are needed to prop the boxes’ corners. Next, screw the 2x 4 parts at every side by drilling pilot holes before placing in the screws. Screw the 1x 2 at the bottom of the 4-foot sides, as they will become the basis of the whole frame. Finally, paint a layer of protective coating and dry it.

Next, move on to the 1x10x3 boards, where they should be placed on the 1×2 pieces. Get a liner and nail it on the planter’s inside; this will take some time because of the difficulty of keeping it flat. Now, get punctured pipes and saw to size, thentake a drill a make a hole at one side of the pipe that is on the same level with the pipes, to which a tiny drain will be made. With the main labor finished, pour the mix in and fill up the gaps. The space between the pipes should be even.

When finished, place a piece of landscape protection over the soil. Finally, fill up the box with the rest of the mix and addfertilizer, then water. Happy planting!

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Melissa Francis
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