DIY ProjectsBuild Weatherproof Housing Box for Portable Generator

Build Weatherproof Housing Box for Portable Generator

How to Build Weatherproof Housing Box for Portable Generator is deailed in this step by step tutorial that just takes inexpensive list of materials, a bit of effort and afternoon to complete.

Build Weatherproof Housing Box for Portable Generator

In the aftermath of a hurricane, it is essential to get a generator up and running without the risk of rain penetrating the machine. Here is a DIY project where a generator can be protected from a built home.

First, make a shield strong enough to remain hanging over the generator. Make the shield out of plywood with slanted vents to let air in and out. It should be measured 24” x 32” x 0.5.” With the leftover pieces, screw them to the wooden roof and cut the pieces of plywood as equal to the open section of the vents to be installed. Mark the slots as a rectangle and drill four holes within the rectangle. Then, get a saw to cut the rectangle out. Using three made vents, which can be bought at a home improvement store, tighten them to the plywood with ½” screws. To protect the exhaust pipe from getting too hot, wrap it with a sheet of aluminum.

Make the rear panel smaller to let exhaust fumes out easily. Get flashing sheet, cut it a bit larger than the rear panel, and screw it from inside to shield the wood from the heat. Attach all four panels to the top with 1″ screws and secure them in place with L brackets to tighten them together.Put on some outdoor waterproof sealant in between the gaps; it is not recommended to use carpenter’s glue because it could restrict air from getting in and air is necessary to cool the generator down. Finally, tie down the covering with a bungee chord so it won’t be blown off by the wind.

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