DIY ProjectsBuild Wind Turbine for Off The Grid Energy Project

Build Wind Turbine for Off The Grid Energy Project

How to Build Wind Turbine for Off The Grid Energy Project is simple yet efficient way use elements of nature to power your devices.

Build Wind Turbine for Off The Grid Energy Project

Have the TurbineOne? Like it, but want to upgrade it? Now, here is the TurbineOne V2!

The V2 is much more tough than the original version. Plus, everything used to build it is recyclable. Get a small motor (a new one – that it should be), some wires, a steel groom, a CD-Rom player cover (they can be found still), and a plastic soda pop bottle. Building it is easy.

Using the plastic soda pop bottle, construct a cap for the motor. First, screw on the motor to the turbine and attach the wires to the engine appropriately; slice the bottle in half and take the top half as the cover by shrinking it to size. This will shield the engine from dust and water from seeping in. The wires will run down the side and out the cap end.

Next, comes the rudder. This rudder will lead the wind turbine to work automatically and keep it stable; the original version had no rudder and it led the turbine to spin wildly and get damaged. Using the CD-Rom cover as the new rudder, attach it to the turbine with a thin tie. Do the same with the generator; get a wire to attach the motor terminals to the pole in order to hole the turbine high.

Once it is built – double-check that is constructed appropriately – try it out to see if there are any flaws. Go to a place on top of a building to catch the wind.

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Melissa Francis
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