Build Your Own Wood Bed


Build your own wood bed and have something unique that you made with your own hands. The style of this bed is pretty classic. The tutorial is from Shanty 2 Chic and she shared it to The Home Depot Blog. All the items needed to build this bed can be found at Home Depot so that will save trips to other places.

Build Your Own Wood Bed

It doesn’t look like a hard project and I like the way the head and foot board have the frames on them, looks kind of classy. If you build this bed and make it sturdy there is no reason you should not be able to use this bed for years and years. Then pass it down or on to someone else who can use a nice bed. If you built these in twin size it would be a great way to build matching beds for the children’s room. To build this bed you will need the following materials.

 Materials Needed:


Some of your time and effort and soon you will be sleeping in a bed you built yourself.

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