How to Build Wood Flooring from Wood Pallets Project

wood pallet floor

This step by step tutorial shares how to create inexpensive wood flooring DIY building project from reclaimed wood from free wood pallets.

By using wood taken from dissembling different wood pallets, a person will accumulate a beautiful selection of wood pieces that once assembled will create a patchwork of colors.

Wood pallet boards are coarse, knotty and unrefined but still usable with a little effort of sanding the boards into a smooth finish.

wood pallet floor

If you have more time than money, and a willingness to put in some back breaking work… this may be a perfect project for you.  Many people with a homesteading spirit will be up to the challenge.

Wood pallets that have a ” HT” stamped on them means they were heat treated not chemically treated.
Most chemically treated pallets are for overseas importing or exporting but the good news is they are only about 10% of wood pallets.

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