HomesteadingBuild Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer DIY Project

Build Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer DIY Project

How to Build Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer DIY Project, wiith the knowledge of welding and a little metal work, you can create such unit. The heat re-claimer absorbs heat from smoke liberated by the wood stove. However, you need to dedicate your effort and time to the project. Gather the materials required for the task. Put on the appropriate gear for safety purpose. You need to create two connectors, a barrel, collecting tubes and a clean out rod.

Build Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer DIY Project

How to build a wood stove heat reclaimer diy project is possible if you have some skills in metal shop. This device is all about increasing the efficiency of your homestead wood burning stove. When the heat vapors from your wood stove heat the stove pipe then forces cool air to circulate around tubes heated by the hot flue gases. The warm air is then forced out into your living space.

The dimension of the connectors depends on the diameter of the stovepipe to which they will be connected. One of these cylinders must be a little bigger than other. The barrel which serves as the central body is a cylinder open at both ends. Its diameter determines the quantity of heat the collecting tubes will receive. This center cylinder should have openings for outlet and inlet pipes. You can use a sheet metal for the barrel.

The heat collectors consist of three sheet metal discs. One of these metal plates will have a diameter an inch smaller than the barrel. This disc, which is fitted with a clean out rod slides freely over the two larger plates. The bigger ones are the end pieces. They are greater than the center cylinder. You will decide the number of tubes you want to fix onto the larger discs. The pattern of arrangement of the pipes should be the same on the three plates. Cut out holes on the plates. The end discs should fit tightly.

If you don’t know how to make one yourself, there are still options:

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Connect all the components of the heat re-claimer by welding. Ensure that they fit properly to avoid leakage. Attach a fan to the back of the heat re-claimer, and the unit is ready for installation.

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