Build Your Own Beehive With One of These 38 Hive Plans


The advantages of beekeeping are countless. The first things that some people might think of are the rewards to harvest your honey or positive impact that increased pollination would have on your own garden. While such reasons are great, never count out some bee products you could harvest from bee hives, the wonderful journey of beekeeping, and the positive impact that bees would have on extended environment.

Harvesting honey is done during late fall when bees filled their hives with honeycomb or during spring time after bees have over wintered safely and prepared to make a new supply of food. This benefit will surely make any beekeeper happy, especially for first timers. Having your own honey from your backyard has a huge difference from buying a commercially-made one in the market. That is the reason why beekeeping is worth it.

If you have decided to be a beekeeper, you can check out some free DIY beehive ideas and plans rounded up by Morning Chores,  and discover how beneficial beekeeping is. This is a nice article as it lists various types of hives and lists the pros and cons of each type along with a plan for building it.