Build Your Own Rabbit Hutch

Build Your Own Rabbit Hutch

In this tutorial you will see how to build your own rabbit hutch. Buying a hutch would be easier but they are kind of expensive and this one looks really nice and has 2 levels so the rabbit has more room.

Build Your Own Rabbit Hutch

I really like this hutch but I think for my place since we garden I would create a box for under the entire hutch and lay leaves or newspaper in it to catch the rabbit poo so that i could add it to my compost. Rabbit poo makes awesome fertilizer  and while you can add it to the garden directly sometimes you don’t want that much nitrogen all at once so it works better to compost it.

The nutrients will still be there but your seedlings won’t end up tall and straggly from the nitrogen blast.  There are loads of pictures and directions for building this rabbit hutch . The building list is as follows.

Tools – Pocket Hole Jig, Drill, Miter Saw , Circular Saw and/or Table Saw, Jig Saw, Tape Measure, Pencil, Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection

Materials – Qty 1 – 4′ x 8′ Textured Wood Composite Panel,
Qty 4 – 2 x 4 x 8′ Premium Studs, Qty 12 – 2 x 2 x 8′, 2-1/2″ Blue-Kote Pocket Screws, 1-1/4″ Exterior Wood Screws.
2-1/2″ Exterior Wood Screws and Wood Glue

So once you have everything you need to get started,  head over to Rogue Engineer’s page and see how to build this really nice rabbit hutch.