Build ItBuild Your Own Reloading Bench For Under 50 Dollars

Build Your Own Reloading Bench For Under 50 Dollars

Build your own reloading bench. If you want to or are planning to start reloading then you will need a nice sturdy bench to do it at. With these instructions you can build one that will be sturdy and you can build it pretty cheap. If you have scrap or left over plywood or 2 x 4’s or screws, it will cost even less.

Build Your Own Reloading Bench For Under 50 Dollars

If you are willing to spend a bit more you can add a light fixture (we always need more light and having it affixed to the bench mean that no matter where the bench is you will have the light.

You can also add a power strip as you build it so that you can plug in what ever you may need when working at the bench. You might want a radio or even a small coffee maker. This bench even has a back board so you can add bins for materials or you could add shelves as well. The bench in the picture is only 27 inches because the door was only 28 but you could make your bigger if it won’t be moved or if you have a bigger door. The Balance  shares this round up of 15 different plans for a reload bench.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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