DIY ProjectsBuild Your Own Treadmill Desk And Save

Build Your Own Treadmill Desk And Save

Build your own treadmill desk and save, money and maybe even your health. Many of us spend a lot of our working hours sitting at computers. We all know that sitting all of the time is bad for us. Our muscles get weak and we get out of shape fast. Some folks have treadmills and some actually use them once in a while.

Build Your Own Treadmill Desk And Save

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There are a few companies that make a treadmill with desk. Two of the top rated at the moment are Nordicktrack and Lifespan and while they are on sale they are quite expensive. With this tutorial you can use an existing treadmill that you may have at home collecting dust and build the desk to use with it. Or if you don’t have a treadmill and want one with a desk so that you can work while walking you can buy a treadmill for much less and build this desk for it.

Not only saving a good amount of money but if you build this desk you will have much more room and as you can see in the picture you could even have a sitting workspace or two for when you didn’t feel like walking. I was looking at the treadmills with desks because I know I need to get moving, I admit I sit way too much but the price even on sale is a bit much at the moment.

My husband works in construction and winter is a slow period which also means money is in a slow period, fortunately this also means he has plenty of time to build me this desk. That way I can buy the treadmill without the desk (which is also on sale) for much less and end up with a desk that in my opinion is much better and will give me a lot more work space. Party Singers shares this tutorial.

They bought some wood and a couple of bookcases at the thrift store to use as the supports for the desk giving them even more space for their stuff and I totally and absolutely love that desk. I know a lot of treadmills have those upright controls on them. So if you have that type of treadmill I am not sure this desk could work for you unless there is a way to remove them without wrecking the treadmill.

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