Build Your Self A Sawhorse Console Table


        Check out the totally beautiful rustic look of this diy sawhorse console table that you can build for your home. I really love the look of this table and there are not 1 but 2 shelfs for stuff, who doesn’t need more room for stuff. This would be a great table in a hallway or in a large entry to catch the mail and  hold a couple of pretty dishes for keys and such. In the hallway a pretty lamp could light the way and still you would have more room for displaying treasures or just somewhere for items that you want to see but not  have all over the place. It looks super sturdy and could fit into a den, living room or even the dining room with no problem. Fire Finish Blog Shows you how to build one for your home. If you are looking for a more finished look check out this  Sofa Table Plan, it has a finished look and cubbies with baskets to put the stuff out of sight.


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