DIY ProjectsBuilding of a Bed Closet Combo for a Tiny House

Building of a Bed Closet Combo for a Tiny House

Come take a look into the building of a bed closet combo for a tiny house. Unfortunately, the little floor plan does not normally leave much room for much of a closet or storage space. This DIY project was designed and shared by someone who came up with a brilliant way to have both a walk in closet and a loft style sleeping area. The project describes everything in an easy read and understand format in hopes that he can help others dealing with a storage issue in their Tiny House.

Building of a Bed Closet Combo for a Tiny House

The Tiny House craze is really catching on all across the country and it is mainly driven by the poor state of our economy. The high cost of housing in almost every segment of the country makes it extremely difficult to cut expenses far enough to be able to enjoy life. This has caused many people, young and old to seek out an alternative place to call home. This is where the Tiny House comes in, they offer an extremely low cost of acquisition and many of them are portable (built on a trailer frame).

Benefits of following the Build walk in Closet in Tiny House Project

● Project includes a list of the materials, supplies and tools necessary

● Project describes the process followed from sketch to construction to completion

● Includes several full color photos depicting several stages of the of the project

Click here to read about the building of a bed closet combo for a tiny house:

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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