Build ItBuilding Stairs DIY Instructions

Building Stairs DIY Instructions

If you need to add some stairs to your deck, shed or even to a door in your home here are instructions to help you get the job done. There are not all that many steps to building a staircase but you need to be pretty precise for it all to come together properly. Popular Mechanics has an article to help you all the way from start to finish.  We sure could have used this article when we needed to replace our basement stairs. We got it down but we also had a lot of wasted wood. Joseph Truini walks us through building the stairs.

He provides instructions for measuring the rise and even tells us that is the stairway is going to be a tall one like to a tall deck that we may want to add a landing or two depending on how tall the stairs will be. Wherever you need to build a stairs these instructions should be able to help you diy and avoid the costs of hiring the job done. Knowing you built them your self will also bring a sense of accomplishment and soon your friends and family will be asking you to build some stairs for them.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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