GardeningA Quick Guide to Building a Strawberry Pyramid

A Quick Guide to Building a Strawberry Pyramid

Strawberry Pyramid

You will have to grow strawberries if you want to get the best out of these red fleshy red fruits. For example, homegrown strawberries will give you a rich flavor that you can’t compare with any berries you’ll purchase at the mall.

The good news is that strawberries are quite straightforward to grow, but they may need a lot of space, especially if you are still growing strawberries the traditional way – using a strawberry patch.

In this post, you will learn how to build a strawberry pyramid. Let’s get started.

How to Build a Strawberry Pyramid

Materials You’ll Need 

  • Dirt
  • Plywood (1-3 inches by 3 inches.)
  • Wood glue
  • Four-wheel casters
  • Deck screws
  • Cedar Wood (1-2 inches by 2 by 8 inches.)
  • Gravel
  • Cedar Wood (1-4 inches by 6 inches.)
  • Varnish

Additional Tools You Need

  • Drill
  • Table saw
  • Clamps
  • Brush

Building Your Strawberry Pyramid

  • Create four pieces – 36 inches long, 2X2 inches lumber that will allow you to create a 6’ deep box. Now create two lumber pieces within the other two pieces to get a box shape—drill three holes on the side rail end.
  • The next thing you want to do is to make another box with the following dimensions: 36’ long, 2X2’ boards, and two 18’ boards. Once this is done, make holes on the side rail ends, then fasten with screws.
  • Repeat this process, this time around, using two 36’, 2X2’ lumber, as well as two lumber pieces of 6’.
  • Next, you should set your largest box in the place where you want to feature your strawberry pyramid. Once that is done, fill this box with soil while you compact gently.
  • Center the third box on top of your second box. Make sure to give an allowance of 6’ on the sides.
  • You need to moisten the soil you have in the pyramid with that from the garden. Add some water to make the soil damp, but take care it doesn’t get soggy. The reason for doing this is that you want to make the soil compact. So once you do that, add a bit more soil to make sure all levels are full.
  • The last stage is to plant strawberries on each of the levels you created.

How to Care for your Strawberries

First, you need to make sure that your strawberry is situated in a place that receives maximum sunlight for at least eight hours daily. It would help if you also fill it with a potting mix of high quality. Additionally, it would be best if you planted your strawberries between 12 and 16’ apart.

Also, you may want to apply fertilizers to your strawberries using a water-soluble fertilizer. This should be done immediately when you have planted the berries, as well as when blooms start to appear. Don’t forget to water your strawberries frequently to keep your strawberry pyramid moist.

Strawberries usually surge in production as they age. So it would help if you grew your strawberries in annuals if you use small containers. If you are using a bigger planter, remove the old berries, and replace them with new ones.


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