CraftsBullet Leather Wrist Cuff Jewelry Craft Project

Bullet Leather Wrist Cuff Jewelry Craft Project

Homemade Bullet Leather Wrist Cuff Jewelry Craft Project has both aesthetically and physically possessing a masculine look, but also high durability.

Bullet Leather Wrist Cuff Jewelry Craft Project

This pleasantly smooth leather wrist cuff has a secure feeling to the person wearing it.

Get the following for this craft project:

a scalpel

leather hole punch tool

metal saw





pair scissors

In addition, get a large piece of leather, two 9mm bullet casings, four .45 ACP bullet casings, and two 13 mm brass closures.

First, get the scalpel and cut two strips at 1.3cm x 12cm, two stripes at 1.3cm x 28cm, and one piece at 17cm x 4.5cm. Get thelarge piece and cut in each corner an opening of 1.3cm x 0.2cm.Put the small strips in and fold it together through the other side to measure where one rivet can hold it all together. Cut the excess, for on the bottom, turn it over, use the hole puncher, and stick in the rivet. Next, we have the bullets, starting with the 9mm’s. Remove the Primer piece – the silver center on top – with a thick pin and sand thew head down. Polish it.

Next, attach the bullet casings. Follow the rules with the metal rivet and that it is wide open to put through the casing hole. Put back in the Primers, now in the readjusted casing. Repeat the process with every casing in hand. Now, we get to the closure. Cut out a bit of leather from the inside and use the punch tool to make a hole for the closure. Fold the leather end through the closure and make another hole for the rivet after the closure.

Complete it by formally measuring the size of your wrist so you can mark where the holes will be punched and the hook will be placed when closing it.

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