Primitive SkillsBushcraft Water Filtration Hanging Bag Wilderness Survival Skill

Bushcraft Water Filtration Hanging Bag Wilderness Survival Skill

This Bushcraft Water Filtration Hanging Bag Wilderness Survival Skill will help you strain large particles, twigs, moss, sand, and other debris. Yes, you will still need to boil the water to remove bacteria, parasites, and microplastics still but a water filter bag helps you get one step closer.

Bushcraft Water Filtration Hanging Bag Wilderness Survival Skill

A Bushcraft Water Filtration Hanging Bag is a canvas stocking where dirty water is poured through to filter out anything that soils it. For those who go camping and live by the river, you need clean water to drink. For the long-term, you can carry so much clean water, which means you need a filter to get water from everywhere. There are water filtration bags, but they can be used really once and the bags are usually layered with chemicals. With the Millbank bag, it is more naturally made with the fibers constructed. Soak the bag thoroughly in the river before using it.

1. Bring a pot to a rolling boil (212 o F)

2. Wait approximately one minute

3. Then reduce the heat and allow the water to cool before using it to drink, cook, or brush your teeth

It typically takes thirty minutes for the water to completely cool, so it is a good idea to plan ahead and boil more than you need in one sitting.

Fill up the bag with water from where you get it and hang the bag up somewhere by tying a loop through it. Don’t collect the water yet because water along the outside of the bag dripping is still contaminated. Let the water drip down 12 cm from the top. After the outer layer is dried, put the receiving container under the bag while the filter removes the cloudy water. Once finished, boil the water or use clean chemicals to kill any leftover bacteria in it. Clean the bag properly inside and dried out completely so it can be reused again the next time.

We need water to survive outside, but we cannot drink any water as contamination can cause other problems with us. It has to be clean and you need a proper filter to catch everything and so it is purified and safe to have.

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