BeekeepingHow to BUY Homesteading Honey Bees for Beehives

How to BUY Homesteading Honey Bees for Beehives

How to BUY Homesteading Honey Bees for Beehives is helpful knowledge when trying to get started in getting set up in beekeeping.

How to BUY Homesteading Honey Bees for Beehives

The first bit of knowledge a new beekeeper should have is not how to raise them, but how to purchase them. People may believe they by sticking a hive or nest in the tree, they will swarm over and live there. There’s a chance that could happen, but it is not the same as properly raising them under a controlled environment. For those who are interested in purchasing honey bees for the springtime first – have to know the process.

Ordering them is actually a difficult task for first-time beekeepers because they are not aware of certain words and phrases beekeepers use. It’s like code. Professional beekeepers know all of this like clockwork, from ordering them, to preparing for their arrival, to start working with them.

The first thing for new beekeepers is that they should pick what system they will utilize in purchasing groups of bees. There are a few differences. The bees should be purchased early right before the spring, and all newbies should study the entire basics of beekeeping and what to do when they arrive. In fact, this should be done before they’re even ordered. Get every piece of the field ready – especially the suit – for when they come.

How to BUY Homesteading Honey Bees for Beehives

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Package bees are one method of their arrival, where they come along a wire in a wooden shoe box-like package. About 10,000 (or whatever amount) of bees should be buzzing inside, including the queen of the bunch in its own cage. One bottle of sugary syrup is connected inside to feed them (because honey is sugary sweet)during their transfer. There’s the queen, its minions, and a few male bees, but the queen is on top. If everything else is ready and you know what to do, go on honey-making with the bees.

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