DessertsCake Mix and a Can of Soda Pop

Cake Mix and a Can of Soda Pop

Cake mix and a can of soda pop creates an interesting blend of dessert flavors baked to perfection. These sweet treats are not homemade, organic or particularly placed in the category classified as healthy but they are delicious, quick and will satisfy a raging sugary cravings.

Super Moist White cake mix – add 12 ounces of Peach Mango flavored Canada Dry Seltzer Water Think of all the different flavored Canada Dry Seltzer Water different cakes you can bake.

French Vanilla Cake Mix + Orange Soda = Creamsicle Cake

French Vanilla Cake Mix + Grape Soda = Purple Cow Cake

Duncan Hines Decadent Carrot Cake Mix + can of Diet Ginger Ale   (click here for recipe)

Strawberry Cake Mix + Vanilla Cream Soda = Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry cake mix + lemon lime soda pop = Strawberry Lemonade cake

Spice Cake Mix + Ginger Ale = Ginger Spice Cake

Dark Chocolate Cake Mix + Root Beer = Chocolate Root Beer Float

Cherry Chip Cake Mix + Dr. Pepper Cherry = Very Cherry Cherry Chip Cake

Devil’s Food Cake Mix + Diet Coke = Sinless Devil’s Food Cake

Lemon Cake Mix + Sprite = Zesty Lemon Cake

Lemon Supreme (Duncan Hines) + Mountain Dew = Mountain Dew Cake ( Click here for recipe)

Super Moist White cake mix + Strawberry soda pop = Strawberry Poke Cake

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Cake Mix and a Can Of Soda Pop Dessert
Cake Mix and a Can Of Soda Pop Dessert

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