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Can I Get a Roof Repair or Replacement During the Coronavirus?

Yes. Thanks to modern technology, roofers are able to repair or replace your roof without having to come in contact with you. By using smartphones, drones, or simply walking on the property without going into your home, they can make an assessment and find out how to help you.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay

It is important to note that if you need any permits that there may be a delay due to government offices working remotely. But that’s why you need to call a roofer today if you are experiencing any signs of roof damage. Your roof is a crucial element to your home’s safety. Issues such as mold growth will only get worse and far more expensive the longer you wait.

Roofers Can Work Without Coming In Contact With You

Your contractors should not have a need to enter your home in order to complete the assessment. Even in cases of mold growth in your attic, they can still consult with you via video chat, and you can provide images that you capture using your cell phone to show them the extent of the damage.

You should receive both an estimate and contract in writing, which can be sent to you via email. In the final stage when roofers are actually working on your home, they will be outside the whole time. Every step of the process has been adapted to maintain quality but at a safe distance.

Ordering Materials Online

Once you make the decision regarding architectural styles, you can then browse different roofing shingle styles and colors online. Thanks to modern technology, it is easy for you to check out new shingles online while sitting on the couch. You will want to ask your roofer about various roofing products to help you narrow down your search, such as ceramic or asphalt shingles, and which ones are best for your home.

Communication Is Key

With modern technology it’s easy for contractors to video call homeowners and to use other software and technology to communicate plans for your roofing repairs or replacements. In fact, you want to hire a company that has always put customer satisfaction and communication first, and whose values remain unchanged in these uncertain times. These are the companies that have been around for years, have strong networks, and are respected in the community. You can learn more information here.

Use Images Or Find Online Examples

Along with communication, you want to express to your contractor exactly what you want with your new roof. It doesn’t matter if you have a background in design or know nothing about it: a quality contractor can still help you choose an architectural style, color, and give you information on other choices that help you love your home even more by the project’s end. You can also Google search images to provide your contractor to give them an idea of what your goals are for your home.

Another idea is to drive around your neighborhood and ones similar to yours to get some ideas of what types of roof designs you like. If you don’t feel comfortable taking pictures of others’ homes then you can let your contractor know the addresses so they can look them up.

Roofing contractors know that these aren’t normal times, but are able to adapt and help homeowners protect their property, themselves, and their loved ones. So, don’t be afraid to schedule your consultation with a qualified roofing contractor!

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Bryan Thomas
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