DIY ProjectsDresser Re-Purpose Into Can Storage For Small Spaces

Dresser Re-Purpose Into Can Storage For Small Spaces

Can Storage For Small Spaces, Perfect for Apartments

For folks that want to have a way to store some extra food but don’t have a lot of space. People that live in apartments have a hard time trying to build some food stores because they have no basement and are not really allowed to build anything permanent. This diy project re-purposes a dresser into a rotating can rack that also doubles as a table behind a sofa. You can have some knick knacks, a lamp, chargers or what you would normally keep on a table that sat behind the sofa but meanwhile, you have a rotating can system built into it.

Dresser Re-Purpose Into Can Storage For Small Spaces
Perfect for Apartments and Small Homes

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The cans go in on one side of the sofa and they roll down to the other side where you take them out as needed. The shelves are on a slant that allows the cans to roll. This keeps you can rotated. So that if you pull out a can of soup it will be the oldest can that was added and a fresher can will roll down to be next in line. Even if you  don’t want to stockpile cans of food this is a great was to add extra pantry space which is a premium in an apartment or even small homes. “

This is a self-rotating can rack. It is 72 inches long, 15 inches deep and 32 inches high. It holds approximately 500 cans. It has to be decorative because it is in plain sight in a living room.” The video is from Land of the Blue Flower and she says that although her shelves have a one inch slope that if you decide to make one a two inch slope would be preferred to allow the cans to roll better.

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Paige Raymond
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