Can Your Own Dogfood Recipe


Can your own dog food so you know what they are getting and that they are eating healthy. With this recipe you can can food to use in case you run out or add it to a dry food to make it stretch.

Can Your Own Dogfood Recipe

Using beef hearts and brown rice Blissville Living makes and cans this food for their pups and you can too. Dogs are really meant to be meat eaters and so many of the commercial dog foods contain very little meat this would be a nice way to provide dogs with some beef. I think you could probably add some liver to this along with the hearts, I know every dog I have ever had loved liver and it is usually pretty inexpensive. Having this on the shelf would also be a good way to prep for your dogs in case a time ever came that you couldn’t get to the store or the stores were not opened for a couple of days you would still have dogfood for them.


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