DessertsCandied Fireball Pecans Recipe

Candied Fireball Pecans Recipe

Odd as it may sound, did you know that there is a tasty and high calorie nut that helps with weight loss?  Based on research, pecan can help with weight loss and at the same time, provide an array of health benefits for the body.

According to Health Beckon, pecan is a buttery and delicious nut that belongs to the family Juglandaceae. Pecan tree is a native of North and Central America and this is cultivated all over the globe as top commercial crop.

Candied Fireball Pecans

Pecan has over 1,000 varieties, majority of which have been named after tribes in Native America. Eliot, Moreland, and Cape Fear are the most normally available varieties of pecan.

The large size Pecan tree is called Texas state tree as well. This nut has a brown kernel and beige flesh found inside a thin, brown colored, and smooth shell.
Aside from being a versatile and taste nut, pecan is known for its exciting benefits.

Pecans are known as heart healthy nuts. This is mainly rich in unsaturated fats shown to decrease the blood’s low density lipoprotein content. Pecan has high pyridoxine content levels that help regenerate cells in hearts with diseases.

Regular pecan consumption can also prevent strokes and coronary artery disease through promoting healthy lipid profile. Pecan also has vitamin E content that can protect oxidation of blood lipids.

In spite of its high calorie content, nutritionists typically recommend pecan nuts for weight loss. Some studies have confirmed pecan nuts to help in weight loss. Nuts can also increase the body’s satiety and metabolic rate to prevent weight gain.

Pecan nuts are also filled with natural antioxidant molecules. This has antioxidants such as beta carotene, vitamin E, zea-xanthin, lutein, acid, and ellagic.

Erin Perez shares how to prepare an easy pecan candy or praline for you to enjoy delicious and yummy goodness of pecan anytime you want and experience its numerous health benefits.


Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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