CanningCanning Antipasto

Canning Antipasto

Antipasto means “Before the meal”  and this recipe for canning antipasto will stock your pantry with a delicious antipasto that you can enjoy before a meal or just as a snack. The recipe makes 32 pints so you will have a lot which is nice because you can gift a jar and some special crackers through the holidays and take a jar and crackers as a hostess gift to all of those holiday parties. There are a lot of ingredients in the recipe but a lot of them are canned or bottled items that you will purchase from the store.

This is a great thing because you can spread the cost of the antipasto over a few weeks trips to the grocery store and it won’t feel like you spent so much on making it. Buying 3 or for items each week and saving the fresh produce for the week you will make the antipasto will make it easier. If you enlist a friend or relative into joining you then you could split up the costs and the finished jars.

This has a lot of different things it and you want to cut everything small so that when you put some on a cracker you will get a good variety of the ingredients. Just reading the list makes me want some on crackers right now. So yummy. Mennonite Girls Can Cook share this recipe and check out the list of ingredients. Doesn’t that make you mouth water just thinking about eating some on crackers?

  •  cauliflower

  • green peppers

  •  red peppers

  •  jar green olives, drained (using sliced olives means a bit less chopping)

  •  sliced black olives, drained

  •  yellow wax beans, drained

  •   jar dill pickles, drained (reserve)

  •   reserved pickle brine

  •  ounce mushrooms (pieces and stems) drained

  •  solid pack or chunk tuna, drained

  •   ketchup

  •  Heinz Chili Sauce

  • Optional – hot sauce or jalapeno peppers, 1 tin anchovies



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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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