CanningCanning Apricots in Low Sugar Grape Juice Recipe

Canning Apricots in Low Sugar Grape Juice Recipe

This delicious canning apricots in low sugar grape juice recipe is an alternative to using a heavy sugar syrup during the canning process and it involves using an all natural fruit juice. By using a juice that contains a small amount of sugar, the fruit will still get a measure of protection from darkening. This article includes several recipes that use specific fruit juices instead of just plain tap water.

Canning Apricots in Low Sugar Grape Juice Recipe

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Benefits of using the Canning Fruit in Low Sugar Grape Juice Article

● The article includes several alternative recipes to heavy syrup

● Each recipe includes a complete list of ingredients

● Also includes a complete step by step instruction guide

● There are many full color photos includes that depict some of the canning steps

Canning has been used for generations by people who want to safely store freshly picked fruits, vegetables and other types of foods. The canning process helps to ward off any possible bacteria that could possibly present during the growing of the produce. It also helps to seal out air from getting inside and causing spoilage while it is being stored away. When it comes to canning of fruits, there is a common practice which involves using large amounts of sugar, but for some this is not exactly to their liking.



white grape juice (unsweetened)

whole cinnamon sticks

whole allspice

whole cloves

star anise

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