Canning Dreamsicle Jelly


Many adults today still remember dreamsicle as their favorite treat during summer season. In fact, most of them probably still love it to this day.
Dreamsicle is a delicious treat composed of ice milk or vanilla ice cream coated in orange sherbet.


You will surely agree that this is the best and tastiest ice cream treat that was ever made.
You might have also seen the dreamsicle referred to as Creamsicles that you might wonder if there is a difference between a dreamsicle and creamsicle aside from their names.

According to Pastry Chef Online, Creamsicle and Dreamsicle originally started out as brand names and these were not flavors of and in themselves. However, the flavor of these two is both that of orange, often in sherbet form combined with ice milk or vanilla ice cream.

These are either being swirled together or the orange sherbet coats the core made from ice milk or vanilla ice cream.
There is something about cream and fruit that simply works. Cream and strawberries, cream and peaches, cream and raspberries, and best of all, cream and oranges are just some of the most favorite combinations you can find.

Dairy helps balance out the acid found in orange and makes everything taste better. Fans of cream and orange love Creamsicle. This is not the type of orange coating around vanilla ice cream but the kind that is all swirly with vanilla and orange.

There are people who call this a Dreamsicle. Either way, however, when vanilla ice cream and sherbet come together on the stick, you can never resist it. Dip this in bittersweet chocolate and things will be so much better.
Kelli’s Kitchen shares a sweet Dreamsicle Jelly recipe so you can enjoy this delicious treat anytime you want.