Canning Garfield Jam Recipe


If you are looking for some unique jams to can for the winter or for gift giving later in the year you might like this recipe for Garfield jam. It sounds so yummy and different from pretty much any other jam recipe I have seen. It contains, plums, peaches, brown sugar, vinegar, cinnamon and cloves (what a combination right?)

Canning Garfield Jam

It looks pretty in the jar and i am fairly certain you will be asked for the recipe from those that can and for repeated gifting of those that don’t. The recipe is from Oodlekadoodle Primatives and it is on a page that is chock full of recipes for fruit butters and jams. I love the gorgeous color of the peach butter. She give recipes for the fruit butters both stove top and crock pot versions along with the canning instructions.

If you are looking for canning recipes for fruit butters or jams, you are sure to find some that will interest you. I know I did. I want to try this one and the peach butter and another jam called Heavenly jam. I would love to have jars of all of those recipes on my pantry shelves .

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