Canning Homemade Chicken Wing Sauce

It is almost impossible to believe that there was a place and time when chicken wings weren’t part of the menu, where it wasn’t synonymous with bars, tailgates, and friends, and not served in millions to famished lovers of hot sauce every day, everywhere.

Sadly, this was the case before the year 1964. It was uncertain how sports lovers and bar goers ever got along prior to the breakthrough invention in Buffalo, New York yet they were able to muddle through somehow.

Buffalo Wings and Rings has shared several mouthwatering and interesting facts about buffalo wings that will make you want to order a large bowl for yourself right away.

While variety is life’s spice, it doesn’t need to be spicy all the time. You can choose your sauce, depending on what your taste buds are craving for. Even though Buffalo wings are sometimes called hot wings, many people are not really after the heat.

People also prefer sweet over heat. During the weekend of Labor Day starting 2002, Buffalo wing lovers from the 50 states gathered in downtown Buffalo for paying homage to and eating tons of their beloved food at National Buffalo Wing Festival.

The festivities of the weekend include a 5k run, crowning of Miss Buffalo Wing, awards, live music, and contests such as wing eating and bobbing for wings.

Healthy Canning has this delicious recipe on how to prepare the perfect sauce for your favorite chicken wings.

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